The Soul is Here for Its Own Joy

This is my start. The title of this post is from a poem by Rumi; the soul is here for its own joy. I found this quote more than ten years ago. It has intrigued me. I have reflected on it many times, many days and in my healing process for the last ten years I have tried to reach for my own soul and to find out what my soul joy is.

I have been asked by some what soul joy is. I suppose everybody has to decide what soul joy is to them and what brings their soul joy. To me it is about love, joy, and bliss; things I love, things that bring me joy, things that I consider bliss and find bliss in doing them.

I will say that I have been working on my bliss list for the last year and doing things that I love and things that I find bliss. During this year I have done more, though not enough, not near enough as I have walked my healing path.

I decided to expand on the idea of a bliss list to include ways of bringing bliss into my life more often, more easily, more accessibly, more quietly and more often, with little effort or thought. I’ve been working on this recently.

So I will be writing more of these soul joy posts, ideas, and how that is going, trying to find ways of stuffing joy into my daily life, as I can, moment by moment to know that daily life is meant to have joy, happiness, love and bliss in it. And to figure out a way to make soul joy a part of my week, part of my life, part of my day.

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