Housing Situation

Home situation has settled down a great deal. I am not around there a lot and that is good. I tend to be there late at night and while sleeping. Otherwise I tend to be somewhere else. I like being somewhere else.  

Most of the time I am there it is tolerable and I avoid interactions. I do manage by having my fan on all the time and listening to music on my cd player with headphones. That tends to cover up most of the noise.

While sleeping the noise is often disturbing me and waking me up, usually many times during one sleep cycle. I have my share of sleep issues, including chronic and life-long insomnia, and having anything else that causes me more issues is not something I care to endure long-term.

It is odd to me that I have endured that in the last three places where I have shared living space. I had it before due to living in a mobile home park and the invasion of my space, peace, and quiet from dysfunctional neighbors. Now I have it in the next room, not just outside my front door.

I have to admit noise is a big issue for me. It is a huge trigger. I don’t think others understand or care. I don’t talk about that with others because I don’t want them to have the extra ammunition. I don’t want them to know it bothers me more than the average person would be bothered.

I did find out about Section 42 Housing, which is a  low income housing government subsidy based on a percentage of income. I am getting some stuff mailed to me and will be able to work on that some more next week. It seems like I might be able to find a small apartment. That would be great to have more space between me and the next person.

2 thoughts on “Housing Situation

  1. Having your own place sounds like a good idea if you can figure out how to afford it. I hope for that for you. Getting enough sleep is so important, particularly if you have chronic pain. It also seems like living with other people hasn’t worked out for you the last few times.

    I sometimes sleep with earplugs because noise bothers me too, but I have a partner and a dog to help me sort out noises that might need attention, so I can relax. I used to live with other people and really hated being woken up in the night, as I’d get so adrenalized and have a hard time getting back to sleep. I also have noise cancelling headphones which are great, but pretty expensive. They mask the repetitive noise, but still let you hear anything important.

    May everything work out in the best possible way.


    • Hi SDW,

      I can’t wear earplugs. I have TMJ and I get ear infections very easy as well so earplugs are out. Thanks for mentioning them. A lot of noise happens during my waking hours as well, which just sucks. I use a fan on all the time.

      I qaulify for an apartment based on income once I can find a place that has an opening and is willing to rent to me, that might take some time, and some places have waiting lists. Realistically I probably have to stay here another six months, since they asked for an egregious amount in a deposit and then went out and spent it. The apartments that I am looking at have a deposit of about $200. It might be really nice to get out of the room before Dec. 1. I am going to try to have that as a goal date, because I really don’t want to have another shitty Christmas season with others.

      Thanks for your comments. They mean so much. Good and healing thoughts to you.



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