Birthday Week Day 1

Well yesterday was my birthday week, day one. I was all stoked and excited to do something good for me. It just so happened that I was taking it easy yesterday, no bus riding to the library, just a sort of quiet day.

I biked over the local Dairy Queen and got a hot fudge sundae. I sat out on a picnic bench in their outside area and read a book, for a long time. It was great. It was one of my favorite areas to go and read before moving. I even thought of it and longed for it when in Ohio.

I found out some time ago on the history channel that sundaes are called sundaes because of our American history of protestantism, guilt, and shame around food and the need to earn your way into heaven, rather than what the Bible teaches. i’m not sure if this is a story or the real truth. Ice cream as a new item of lust was new and well loved treat.

Apparently there was so much opposition to ice cream sodas and sundaes were created in response for something less sinful to eat on Sunday, hence the name. So I learned that sundaes were considered so sinful because they tasted so good, but less sinful than ice cream sodas.

They are sinful, but I sometimes wonder why they would allow something so sinful to be served on Sunday, holy of all holy days in a protestant week.

Well it was wonderful and sinful. And I ate it on a Sunday. But I didn’t feel sinful, not one little bit.

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