I’m home. I’m smiling. Home. What a beautiful word. What a beautiful thing.

I love flying. Never did it before so I wasn’t sure. Thought I might have a lot of anxiety and even a panic attack, as sometimes heights can be very scary and triggering for us. But no. It was lovely. We had a great time. We even loved the turbulence, though it was probably not a lot. We want to get lots of money so we can fly a lot. Lol.

I am at the downtown  library, my favorite library in the whole wide world. After we are done on the computer we are checking out a few books and sidling over to the coffeshop and having some great coffee. Two on my bliss list.

It’s rainy and cold today here. There is a chance of snow tonight! Oh my. Guess I didn’t avoid all of the winter here. It might be nice to see it, but I think I can wait until October or November.

Happy to be home. Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts, wishes, and words. It was so nice and touched us so much.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m not one for flying but I had a similar experience when going from Indy to Texas. I think it had to do with the feeling of going somewhere I absolutely wanted to be. I think being lifted through the air was so symbolic of a transition for me that I could do nothing but absorb it like pure liquid joy.


    • Hi Austin,

      That is interesting. I will have to see what I feel and think when I fly somewhere else. I have to confess I wasn’t even thinking of the transition while I was on the plane; too stressed and too tired out from the move and the lack of sleep. I am sure glad to be home once again.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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