Art Therapy & Creative Healing Projects 3

Shield Making Process

Some Thoughts on Shrine Making

A Simple Triptych

“Drawing” Out Your Emotions

Anatomical Art (Therapy)

Dreamwork and Art Therapy

Wire Words

How to Make Word Charms

Simple Beaded Bookmarks


Serendipity Bookmarks

Mask Making

Cool Art Intervention #8 Mask Making

Mask Decos

Serendipity Squares

Prayer Flags

How to Make a Beaded Tiara

Fridge Magnets

Altering Bottle Caps

A Warm and Fuzzy Box

A God Box

God’s In-Box ( A God Box)

How to Make a Dreamcatcher

How to Make Beads out of Recycled Chip Bags

How to Make Paper Beads

Altered Art

Easy Ways to Decorate Clay Flowerpots

Singing Your Own Song

What is a Mandala

Mandala: The Art of Power… the Power of Art

Mandalas: A Gentle Reflection

Creating Your Own Mandalas

The “I Am Nature” Mandala


Make a Portable Creativity Kit

Art Therapy and Creative Healing Projects Archive

2 thoughts on “Art Therapy & Creative Healing Projects 3

  1. Those are such great resources. Thanks for sharing. My children LOVE art. They make beautiful bracelets, and paint beautiful pottery they make. My daughter, when faced with no regular art supplies, will take a plain piece of paper, color it, cut it, fold it, and make it into something beautiful. It IS very therapeutic! Lindsey Petersen


    • Hi Lindsey,

      I am also working on creating a resource page for specifically for kids. I have found a lot of good project ideas from Family Fun magazine, American Girl magazine, and Pack of Fun magazine at the library. Three books that I think are great are Disney’s Family Fun Crafts: 500 Creative Activities for you and your Kids, The Muppets Book of Crafts, and The Jumbo Book of Art: An Artistic Adventure from the Avenue Road Arts School. I found those at the library.

      I wanted to mention that there is a way you can hyperlink your wordpress name to link back to your blog. Someone told me how it was done a long time ago, but I don’t remember. If you go into your blog account you should be able to change that through appearances. Again, sorry but I don’t know how that is done.

      Good and healing thoughts to you all.



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