Animal Appearances

It’s odd, but there are lots of animals I hadn’t seen while living here and I  just didn’t think about it. Then I found out for sure that I had to move at the end of last month and animals started appearing.

First there are a few animals that I have seen here. Birds, there are lots of birds around here. Mostly sparrows and crows. They are around every day. And then there is the yappy small dog down the block who gets out and apparently wanders the neighborhood. I have seen him twice. I don’t know why I think he is a boy, I just do, he has that kind of vibe.

Then I found out that the house where we were living has been sold and we had a little over a month to move. So I decided to move back to my homestate. Then I started seeing more animals. It was weird. I had been thinking about hummingbirds and wanting to see one since moving here. And then I did.

I also saw a lizard in the backyard. It was about five inches long from tip to tail. He was walking and then stopped, realizing I was there, looked at me, and then ran to some taller grass.

Another day I was riding on my bike in a parking lot, right next to one of the main roads in town, and a rabbit ran across the lot. I was shocked to see one in that area. Where I lived in my homestate there were lots of bunnies and I was used to seeing them often, sometimes year round in the area where I lived. It is heavy residential and with lots of open areas, but this didn’t seem to have as much nature areas for a bunny, so it was a surprise. But I guess sometimes you gotta live where you are and do the best that you can.

In the last few days I have been seeing cats. I hadn’t seen a cat since moving here and in a few days now I have seen two cats. I haven’t looked up the symbolic meanings of these animals. I guess I should, just haven’t found the time to yet. Hmm. Don’t know if the visits are significant, but definitely odd. They were certainly welcome.

However one visitor inside the house was not desired and not welcome. It was late at night a few nights ago. I was up late reading a book. The back of my left hand was feeling itchy, like a spider was on me.

I didn’t respond immediately, because I get this feeling a lot of time late in the evening, for some bizarre reason. I think it is because of the dry environment here. I get thirsty more often. I need to drink more water. My skin gets more dried out here and I need to take better care of myself and hadn’t any lotion lately.

I still felt something on my skin, so I looked down after moving and turning my hand. I yelped, quite loudly. And reflexively brushed the spider away with the book I was reading. I don’t know where it went. I was scared to go to sleep after that.

When I was in the process of preparing to move from my homestate to the other state, little spiders would visit me. It got to the point where they were dropping in, literally, every evening. It was bizarre, but I would be sitting at my computer desk doing things online, and a little spider would drop down from the celiing from one thin thread. Even after picking up the moving truck I was walking around it and noticed a spider on the back of the cab.

Alright, alright, enough spiders, I thought, I get the message, go away. I thought it was just about moving, making a big change in my life. I thought I was doing the right thing. I think they were trying to tell me something important. I probably didn’t want to take in the message.

One of the symbolic meanings of spiders is to pay attention to your choices, because they help form your life, your present, your future. Spiders are about wisdom and weaving a good life, about language, writing, creativity. All good symbols for me to keep in mind. I am trying to make good choices in moving and finding a place to stay. I am trying and am hoping I will make some really good choices and find a good reoommate who will be a good fit for me. I just wish it hadn’t of been a spider who had to come visit to leave the message.

4 thoughts on “Animal Appearances

  1. I wonder why people are so freaked out by spiders. They don’t scare me unless they’re huge and running as fast as say a … a car. LOL Then again I do live with an iguana so I’ll shut up about that.

    I didn’t realize you’re one state over from me.

    Moving sucks especially when the choice feels out of your hands. So sorry to hear this.


    • Hi Austin,

      The bad part about moving is finding a place, otherwise I am fine. But the finding a room to rent is quite a difficult project. I keep hoping it gets settled soon.

      I am sort of okay about spiders unless they crawl on me or they drop on my bed from the ceiling. That is sort of when my live and let live attitude gets up and leaves.



  2. It’s me again….. how do I say this? Um…. maybe the reason you’re seeing so many animals right now is that it’s spring. I’m not trying to be funny but there may be a simple reason and not one that is cosmic or spiritual. It’s spring.

    One of the things I need to keep in mind for my move is that I should be mindful not to jump from the frying pan into the fire. At times it may appear that I’m dragging my feet with this move but I’m being extra careful. I know what reckless or impulsive actions lead to and I don’t want that. I’ve grown past moving on impulse and taking anything that comes along. I’ve also moved past “hoping for the best”. I need some sort of stability, some sort of confirmation that where I live will not change when the wind shifts. My new life guidelines make my feet seem slow but in actuality they’re cautious, mindful of where they’re planted.

    I know your time is limited but I hope you’ll be cautious and mindful and fear free as you take this next step in your life.


    • Hi Austin,

      Spring here is much like being here in winter. It warms up during the day and it gets cold at night.

      My brother was claiming that he saw hummingbirds throughout the winter, but I didn’t see one. He says there are lots of them. All winter I did see insects. One time a beautiful butterfly, but usually little gnats and big flying insects.

      I do understand what you are saying, but even in spring animal visitors have a symbolic meaning. Honoring the appearances of the visitors and looking for meaning there has been something that makes me feel more connected to nature. I don’t think it is has made me make better choices, but I do see that if I had heeded the symbolic meanings I would have made better choices and would not be in the situation I am in now. So I am trying to be more careful with my choices. Thank you for being here and your comments. They mean so much.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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