Healing with Humor 1: Raise Your Hand if You Vacuum Topless to Carly Simon

I’ve noticed recently that I try to get myself to enjoy more funny things, watch more funny tv shows and movies. But at each time I reflect on that, I’m not doing much more to use humor in a healing way as a survivor.

I have noticed recently that I am more consistently doing body love work. I think that has been helped along a great deal with my postings about body love here on the blog, as well as trying to practice that in my daily life. So I thought that my healing with humor could use some encouragement by blogging about it.

I understand that my kind of humor, or what makes me laugh, might not be what others find funny. I hope that they wouldn’t find it offensive either. But sometimes humor can be.

The suggestion that others might vacuum topless to Carly Simon is something that made me laugh. Not necessarily the line, because it could be seen as being offensive. But the show and in the context of the show. It was on an epsidoe of Psych that I watched recently. I love the show. It consistently makes me laugh. The fake psychic on the show was trying to distract a roomful of people while the guest speaker was being delayed for safety reasons. This is the line he came up with. It was particularly bad. No one raised their hand. I laughed.

The laugh was good. I don’t much find myself laughing at situation comedies or comedy movies that much anymore.  It felt good. It felt good to be alive. And it reminded me that I need to do that more and seek out ways of doing that more. So here I am blogging about it. I’ve been watching more things that I find funny and will post more soon. I’m not sure if laughter is healing. But I’m still going to try to embrace it more… and I will not be vacuuming at the same time, or listending to Carly Simon.

4 thoughts on “Healing with Humor 1: Raise Your Hand if You Vacuum Topless to Carly Simon

  1. If for no other reason laughter is healing due to a surge of endorphins.

    I’ve been told I’m a giggler and that I laugh a lot. I think humor is so much a part of me that without out it I may be unidentifiable.

    I don’t watch many comedy shows. I have some comedy DVDs but not many. I think when it comes to today’s comedy on TV the settings are so dysfunctional that the humor is blocked. It’s hard for me to laugh at shows like Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother. It’s hard for me to laugh at shows where one person is the butt of every joke while another is a star despite their horrible way of dealing with people. For me the dysfunction blocks the humor.

    BTW…I think your title is funny. LOL That kind of silliness is what makes me laugh.



    • Hi Austin,

      Thanks. I understand about what you mean about dysfunctional relationships and emotional abuse for humor in sit-coms. I really don’t get that, because I think that comedy is not just about dysfunctionalness. I have noticed that the more dysfunctional someone is, the more they love this type of humor. I think that i have gravitated more toward some British comedies because they have a different dynamic in some humor there and I don’t find it as mean spiriited.

      Thanks for your comment on the title. I think comedy to be good has a certain element of silliness to it. When I was growing up so much humor was adult humor and men making fun of women, usually fat, ugly women who were awful wives. There was a lot of hatred of women in comedies then and lots of men would dress up as women and they were all overweight with big breasts. As a small child I hated that type of humor, take my wife please. I was so happy when the type of humor became more accessible with younger comics in the 1970s who did comedy on a number of topics. It ‘s amazing to me how much of it is now hatred of women and dysfunction once again. Thanks for your comments.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



    • Hi Vicki,

      Hilarious. Lol.

      There are some cds of hers that are jazz that I think are great, as an aside. They are Torch, My Romance, Film Noir, and Moonlight Serenade. I think the orchestration in them are excellent and that makes them so wonderful to listen to. Though probably not good for the energy level necessary for vacuuming. 🙂

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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