Water in Computer

More computer misadventures as I spilled liquids, twice, yesterday onto my computer. It is not working. I hope it dries out and decides to be a miracle and works soon. I do believe in computer miracles. I prayed, I admit that. I usually only pray any more about things that I have no hope about. I figure it can’t hurt me, because it won’t break any hope I have left about something. Some times I pray to be healed. I have no hope about that either, some of the time.

I skipped my period this past month. So I am feeling not so happy, bodywise. Living with my brother is a huge stressor and I believe that is why I skipped. On top of all that before I was due I started spilling things. That happens sometimes up to a week before my period. Then no period so the spilling has continued. I haven’t kept track of how many times I have spilled, but this time I had no sleep from the night before and my roommate decided to make lots of noise all morning and then decided to do laundry, which is in the room right next to my bedroom wall, so no sleep. I got up to get some water, etc, something to eat, and returning to the room spilled it all.

2 thoughts on “Water in Computer

  1. Oh, my, Kate. Sounds like you’re having a really hard time of it. There are days I can’t walk and think at the same time w/o walking into something. I hope you ‘start’ soon and it all goes away!


  2. Hi Ivory,

    Thanks. Computer appears to be permanently damaged, so will have to get another old cheap one from the same person I got this one from. Thank goodness I know someone who rebuilds computers and sells them at a price I can manage.



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