Adventures in Gluten Land

For the past ten days I have been dealing with an ear infection. They are sort of inevitable in my life. I have had them since I was little. My ears are very sensitive and it is very easy to get an ear infection. This one was caused by hot tub water spilling into my ears. It was inevitable that eventually I would get an ear infection from that, and so I did.

I got up last Monday and after a trip to the bathroom, came back into my bedroom and sat on the bottom of my bed. Surprisingly the walls and ceiling tipped dangerously to the right. I’ve never really seen something like that before. I always thought that when the world felt like it was pitching it wouldn’t look like it as well. But it did. I laid down and shut my eyes.

Eventually I felt well enough to shuffle into the other room and ask my brother to go get me some motionsickness medicine at the drugstore. I asked for Dramamine, it was the only name that I knew of and felt that a brand name would help him find a product.  (I had contemplated using my phone by the side of the bed to call him in the living room to ask him to get it, but after a long nap I actually felt well enough to walk there)

It made my life tolerable once again, though certainly was not helpful much, it seems that the company does not guarantee that their product is gluten-free or sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. At least that is what I eventually read online. They don’t guarantee that their suppliers of ingredients are gluten free. Not a good product to continue using, for me. My body reacted like it had gluten in it. So I need to find something else to use in the future.

For the time being I am Dramamine-free and the walls and ceiling are not tipping. And my body is trying to adjust to not having something in my body every day that creates inflammation and an auto-immune response along with internal damage. Time to find something better. I don’t mind not eating bread, or cookies, or cake or pasta or any other gluten-laden product so much as I mind not being able to take a med to make me better when I am sick, without it making me worse in other ways. That sucks.

6 thoughts on “Adventures in Gluten Land

  1. Sorry to hear about the Dramamine … wow, I had no idea that gluten was so pervasive in so many products, although now that I think of it, I’m starting to see medications advertised as gluten free, so there must be some gluten starch as filler in a lot of tablet-type medicines.

    I wonder if the gluten free diet will eventually lessen your propensity toward ear infections? Chronic inflammation can really set that kind of thing off easily.


    • Hi David,

      There are a bunch of places online I checked for that med, but got differing information. I do think that taking meds in the past with gluten was a big issue with me.

      My biggest issue was and still is how it is in so much stuff, just stupid ordinary things like gluten being in glue and other glue like products or in products to make them bind or glue together, on stamps and envelopes, in dish soap, shampoo, liquid soap, dishwashing detergent, clothing detergent, in my favorite lotion that I can’t use anymore, on food containers with any glue keeping the lid down, on toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make them sticky on the end of the roll, and on and on and on.

      It is everywhere. I’m still learning and the worse thing is I can get told by a company on the phone that their product is gluten free and then they tell someone else that they can’t guarantee that it is because they can’t guarantee that the companies that provide ingredients for the products they make might have used gluten. I know eventually I will figure all this stuff out, it is just exhausting though, to be sick and have to take something that is supposed to be safe, but isn’t. And that doesn’t count the products they say are safe but aren’t due to cross-contamination due to making gluten free products on the same product lines that they do gluten food products.

      I know that being somewhat gluten free has helped me healthwise in a lot of ways. Just one product over the space of several days and I can tell a huge difference in my body, my level of pain, and general capabilities due to muscle tightness, pain when trying to walk and standing, and many other issues. I think that it will help my ears and will continue to get better over time.. Everything that I read says that my body can heal a great deal as I stop my exposures to gluten.

      Trying to go gluten free last summer and since has really shown me that inflammation and an auto-immune response are related to my intake of gluten. I do think that my ears are better since attempting to be gluten free. I’m glad that I didn’t listen to my doctor. As my stupid doctor said you know it’s rare. Like yeah, only I wish it was rarer than it actually is, almost one percent of the population is testing positive nowadays and I’m one of them.

      I have been noticing how much bread and pasta consumption is all-pervasive. It seems to be on all the shows, on so many commercials, and every fast food place that I used to go to isn’t safe anymore even though I see all the ads in the mail and on tv. I read a lot of mystery series and I have been noticing how much those foods are in the books as well. Sheesh. I know I can have some gluten free options, if I want to go out and find it and pay more money, but really I am okay with not eating those things. But I will want a gluten free chocolate cake for my birthday.



      • Hi Kate,

        You mentioned wanting a gluten free chocolate cake… have you tried a chocolate and beetroot cake? I know it sounds a bit odd, but a guy from work made one and it was delicious as well as lactose and gluten free.

        I can sympathise with your ear problems. I’ve had on-going middle and inner ear problems since childhood, it’s an awful feeling to have the world seem to tip over. I hope you feel better soon.

        Gluten is one of those products that seems to be in everything. It’s hard to find a good supply of reliably gluten free products. My brother’s family went gluten free when their youngest child was continually suffering from ear, asthma, allergies and a range of inflammation symptoms. She’s doing much better now they’ve cut all the gluten out of her system.

        Take care,


      • Hi CG,

        No I haven’t tried one of those kinds of cakes. Actually it sounds good. I’m glad that your niece is better.

        I’m sorry that you have ear problems as well. Good and healing thoughts to you.



  2. There’s an acupressure point on your wrist that you can use to suppress nausea. I use it fairly regularly and it works beautifully (I hate taking medicine so that’s a bonus too). You can buy a band at most pharmacies that goes around your wrist and presses this point for you or you can just use your finger. The brand name of the bands I’ve used is ‘sea band’. Here’s a link to a description of how to find the point:


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