Got my new bike! A bike has always meant freedom to me. When I get on a bike I feel it inside of me, all the way down to my bones. Freedom. It is such a lovely feeling.

I taught myself how to ride a bike by borrowing a neighbor boy’s bike when he came over to play with my brothers. I insisted he teach me and I got on the bike expecting to get it right away. He said pedal and steer, that’s all.It took me a few minutes to find the balance. It’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

I didn’t have a bike to ride until I was in fifth grade, a shared bike, something I hated to have to do. I used to go to the top of the hill on the dirt road leading to the old farm house we lived in at the time. And go downhill as fast as possible… freedom.

I didn’t have a bike of my own until I was in eleventh grade and bought it with my own money. It was a wild yellow color and back then I was used to only riding boy’s bikes so that is what I bought. Only the last two bikes I’ve bought have been women’s bikes.

My new bike is a cruiser style with high handle bars and only seven speeds.  It is mostly light blue, my favorite color, and some white with a black wide seat for comfort. I hope it rides good. I just got inside from adjusting the seat and rode for half a block.  I will try to go for a short ride today, but I don’t know how far I will go.

I think that I will try to go to the library on Friday, because I have books to return then. The closest library is about two miles away. That is not bad, but the mountain hills in this town concern me. I haven’t ridden regularly since September, so I will try to take it slow and rest whenever I need to.

9 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Kate, this is great news! Bikes bring a real sense of freedom – I used to love that (though I haven’t ridden in a long time now).

    I’m also pleased to hear that you’ll take things slowly – that in itself is great progress.



    • Hi Kerro,

      It looks like a little is very challenging right now, so I will keep doing it slow. I miss being able to ride my bike every day and how much stronger that made me feel. Thanks.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



    • Hi,

      Good. I think bikes are great places to work out things in one’s life. I know that it helps me a lot. It can be a very healing place.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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