Healing Quotes 61 and 62

It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

~ Unknown

A recent study showed that people who submerged their hand up to the forearm in icy cold water were able to endure it longer when they were allowed to curse than when they could only repeat a neutral word. The findings suggest that swearing relieved pain.

Light the candle and curse.

~ Kate

12 thoughts on “Healing Quotes 61 and 62

    • 🙂

      I’m glad that it helps. It is one thing that has helped me. Though I suppose it might not be comfortable for everyone, it works for me.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



  1. A few months ago I damaged my eye in a freak accident at work; had to see(haha) the assignment through before I could get to hospital and get it seen to. I’d scratched the retina a little and my eye was reacting by going into spasm, excruciatingly painful. I did thankfully know about this little gem, so when the doctor warned me that the drops he had to put in to show up the damage would hurt a lot, I asked(= told) him if it was alright to swear when he did it. He was quite cool with that; once I’d sworn a blue streak, he and I discussed the phenonmenon while the dye got to work. It works best if you use taboo words you never normally use, as the breaking of the taboo is partly what gives the adrenaline rush.
    So it pays to save one word or so for special times….you never know when you’l really need it!


  2. Hi Kate,

    I swear alot. I dont think its cool, and id like to think that i do have some words i could use instead – but im being real. Its part of who i am. Ask a man whos broken his leg 1000 times not to limp!!! – its the same thing in my opinion.

    So i very much like the secound healing quote. 🙂


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