Creative Healing #2

Honoring the power of connection and friendship.

Friendship Bracelet

For my first project focusing on all my friendships I debated a lot about the type of bracelet I would first make. I decided on using the stretchy string available at walmart and clear glass beads. The beads that I picked out are bicone shaped, somewhat translucent, with a shiny finish on them. So all the beads that I picked look like one another.

I thought a lot and made a list of all the friends that I think I have right now. I wrote each name down on a list. I thought a lot about each person; best friends, online friends, healing online friends, friends I have a definite connection to though we don’t have a lot of time together, etc. I added them all up. I added a few more to the list.

I came up with the number 27. I know 27 is a lot. But not so much when it comes to little beads going around my wrist. I didn’t think about that, about not having enough friends to fill up a bracelet if I chose small beads for the project.

I tried to figure out what would be a good number of beads to fit for the bracelet and came up with the number 34. That would be seven more than I have and 34 added together makes 7, so it seemed like a good number to pick. I know it was the number of beads that I needed, but it also seemed like the right number. The number felt right. I thought about that. Obviously I couldn’t think of that many friends.

Even seven friends seems like a lot. I remember more than ten years ago when I had no online friends and one or two face to face friends who barely tolerated me. I remember how mean my friends were and how little they really wanted to be in my life. I remember friends who yelled at me and triggered me, who shamed me and criticized me, who judged me and found me lacking.

I thought and thought. Then I decided that choosing 34 friend beads for the bracelet would be the right number, even though I didn’t have 34 friends right now. I decided it would be good to leave some spaces open for the new friends that will come into my life.

Yes, I thought some of my current friends might move out of my life, those beads will remain and another friend will come into my life. That seemed incredibly optimistic of me, but I think it is accurate.  I am usually incredibly optimistic when it comes to friends and healing. More friends will come. Others will go. That is okay. I can honor both of them in the bracelet.

Then I tried to look up the number 34’s meaning. Here is what I found:

Is very intelligent. It is spiritual purity through effort. It shares with others, and is a warrior.

In numerology you also add double digits together, so I looked for information on 7.

Here is what I found:

The central of the spiral is humanity’s connection to its source, God, whatever you call it.

Seven is the number of the universe.

It is the three of the heavens (soul) combined with the four (body) of the earth, being the first number containing both the spiritual and the temporal.

Seven represents the virginity of the Great Mother– feminine archetype.

In cultures, myths, and legends it represents:

completeness and totality

So I think I stumbled across the right number of beads to use, quite by accident. Though perhaps when I picked that type of small bead to buy, it made it the right number for the bracelet.

I wrote down all those that I consider my friends, online and more. I picked a specific bead for each of them and named it. If you post to my blog and I post to yours, you are on my bracelet. If you are giving me support, love, and, healing in my life, you are on my bracelet.

I made the bracelet and I think it looks very pretty when I look at it. I plan on wearing it today with my best friends bracelet. I picked the beads out on purpose so that the two bracelets would match and go well together on my wrist.

So today I celebrate all that my friends have and do give to me every day. I celebrate and honor the connections that we have. I honor the persons of integrity and healng that they all are. Thank you dear friends.

4 thoughts on “Creative Healing #2

    • Hi Pumpkin,

      Thanks for stopping by. It is good to see you here. I look forward to reading more from you. Good luck to you on your new blog. Good and healing thoughts to you.



  1. My laptop broke awhile ago and it’s taken some time to get back into the swing of things with a new computer…I have so missed reading your blog.

    This is such a neat idea! I know I have old beads from my childhood down in the basement that I’ve been wanting to play around with…been putting it off but maybe I’ll go grab them now.


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