Holiday Posts

Grace’s Collage: Transformational Seasonal Greetings

The People Behind My Eye’s Blog Entry: Peppermint: An Analytical Discussion

Jen on the Edge’s Blog Entry: Santa Baby

Breathe Noah’s Blog Entry: New Christmas

Pastylki’s Blog Entry: Santa Clause

Axe’s Asylum’s Blog Entry: Reindeer

Texas Liberal’s Blog Entry: Three Images of Black Santa

Texas Liberal’s Blog Entry: Santa Claus is a Liberal

My Crazy World’s Blog Entry: Reindeer Cookies

… And Bells on her Toe’s Blog Entry: And Santa’s Lesser Known Reindeer, Pupid

A Slice of Wife’s Blog Entry: Lights, Camera, Reindeer

4 thoughts on “Holiday Posts

  1. I am glad that you found my reindeer cookie post a joyous one. I know that my daughter, that day we made the cookies, was overjoyed in the opportunity to help me make them and then eat them! 🙂 I pray you have a very happy holiday and a joyous New Year.


  2. Hi Kate, to update my post about Santa’s lesser known reindeer, Lexy has been teaching her younger sister the names of the reindeer … i’m just waiting for ‘pupid’ to re-emerge. Happy Holidays 🙂


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