Holiday Joy

Being here without my stuff means that I have to make-do with what I have, what I can buy and what I can afford to buy for my holiday fun. Here is what I decided was essential for holiday joy and enjoyment:

Christmas lights: I bought one string of lights and hung them in my bedroom. This is essential. I have them on whenever I am in my bedroom and awake. I was looking online for some Christmas lights last night. I love Christmas lights.

Christmas trees: Since I don’t have one here and my artificial one is in storage, I am looking online and on tv for my fix. I get a lot of joy out of Christmas trees. I know that I should think them a total waste of resources, but I can’t ever convince myself that they are a waste based on how much joy I get out of them.

Christmas carols and songs: I listen to plenty online and when reading in my room on a local radio station that plays all Christmas songs through Christmas day. I created three playlists at Youtube to listen to anytime I want.

Christmas specials and shows: I have already seen The Charlie Brown Christmas (still available at, The Polar Express (Youtube), The Muppets Christmas Carol (Youtube), and Mickey’s Christmas Carol (Youtube). Also the new special Prep and Landing. Very funny and available for viewing at I also saw Andrei Bocelli’s Christmas special and Celtic Women’s Christmas special. I am also planning on watching A Christmas Story on TBN on Christmas Eve. A must-see for me, since I don’t have my copy of the movie here.

Christmas cards: I didn’t have a lot of money this year, so I only got one box and sent them to the essential peeps. Next year I want to be able to do more. I even have plenty of cards in Ohio, just I am not in Ohio, so that will have to wait for another year. I love getting cards from those who love me. I love them, a lot.

Christmas crafts: Okay I am unfortunately very behind on this. But I have a few plans and am trying to get them done, so I can put them up and see them. Hope to get done with that in a few days. I looked for ideas at the FamilyFun magazine site for craft ideas. That is always fun to do.

Christmas presents: Already got three in the mail from a relative and opened them up. I have a rule, whenever presents arrive, I can open them right away. So I did. It was exciting to get them and to open them and see what they were. They were movies, of ones that I really wanted.   🙂

Hot chocolate and chocolate candies: They aren’t exclusively Christmas items, but I associate them with this time of year and having them are essential. And they bring me lots of joy.

Candy canes: Yep, pretty much essential. I like to eat them, but also they are an important part of Christmas decorating to me. They just make me smile.

I love this time of the year and now I don’t have to contend with the cold. Guess I have to go online to find some good snow photos. Another essential part of Christmas, snow.

7 thoughts on “Holiday Joy

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    • Hi David,

      I love wrung-out old cynics. For some reason they make me feel so happy and positive. It makes me feel naive and innocent and young, by comparison. And I always doggedly believe that I can help them see the light. See, pretty awful, huh?

      Good and healing thoughts to you.

      Love you,



  2. Are you “perky” about Christmas Kate?? 🙂

    I’m with you on the Christmas lights, for some reason I find them relaxing…

    I’m glad you’re finding pieces of comfort in the season…

    Take care,


    • Hi CG,

      Yeah, I guess I am, one of those annoyingly perky people that no one likes to be around, including me. It is the time of year with the happiest memories throughout my life. Though there are lots of sadness in the mix as well, as that too has been a part of the season all my life. But I am trying really hard to give myself as much joy and enjoyment as possible. I think I deserve it. We all do.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



  3. I’m also glad you’re finding comfort and joy in the season. Particularly when it’s such a difficult time for so many.

    I love old Christmas TV specials too – they’re such fun.

    Enjoy! 🙂


    • Hi Kerro,


      I think that I only have good memories of watching the shows and that is why they are always fun for me. I try to do the same with the new specials, to only have good thoughts and only focus on happiness when watching them. I want to create some new good associations with the new shows.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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