Bliss List #10

Christmas Carols. I listen to them all year round. I sing them all the time. I was at the computer humming Oh Christmas Tree and realized oh yeah that is one for the Bliss List. I love them. I can’t remember a time in my life when they did not make me happy.

When I’m jonesing for some I listen to one of my many cds. I guess now I will be at youtube a lot since all my stuff is in storage still and the library only had two cds for me to take home: Linda Rondstadt and Yolanda Adams. I need much more than that.

So yeah, they are bliss, to me.

4 thoughts on “Bliss List #10

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  2. Hmmmm, Linda Ronstadt and Yolanda Adams, those are like polar opposites, but I bet they are both really great cds. I love Christmas music too, my favorites are Handel’s Messiah, Gloria In Excelsis Deo, O Holy Night, and Hark how the bells….:-)

    Enjoy yourself Kate


    • Those are all great. I guess my current favorite Christmas cd is Josh Groban. I try to catch all the Christmas music specials this time of year. Andrei Bocelli has a new Christmas cd out and the special was on pbs recently. The first half, when he sings by himself was great. I didn’t like the duets in the second half as much. But was a great time.



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