Adventures in Another State Pt. 2

Yesterday I saw the most beautiful monarch butterfly. It was flying right in front of our door. It flitted around, up and down. I was so happy seeing it. I thought it might be late in the season to be seeing one. but it was so nice.  I hope to see a lot of them in the spring.

This reminded me that the week that I moved here I saw a hummingbird. I’ve never seen a hummingbird in real life before. I’ve seen lots of pictures and lots of documentaries of hummingbirds. I was so excited. I saw it hovering over a flower in my neighbor’s yard. My friend told me that in the spring they hadve a hummingbird feeder that they put out and then I will see lots more hummingbirds. So I am happy about that too.

Yesterday it was so nice and warm. The temperature got up to about 70. It felt even warmer. I rode my bike to the library, got some books. Rode home. Sat and talked to my neighbor friend. Took another bike ride. Did some cleaning. It was a busy day for me.

Today I did next to nothing. Just rested up. The trick or treaters came by. My neighbors across the way had a loud soundtrack playing of spooky noises. All the dogs on the block started howling at certain noises; usually the howling wolf type of noises. It was a nice sort of day to just rest.The adventures here have mostly been like that; little town, little adventures.

6 thoughts on “Adventures in Another State Pt. 2

  1. i am envious of your 70 degree weather. On thursday, the agency I work for sent us home before noon – snow, snow everywhere. By 8 pm that evening, they had called to let me know they were calling off work for the next day, too. It was colder than sin out there.

    I love small towns, absolutely and completely, and I I’m so happy that you have found beauty where you live. I can’t wait for spring to hear about the humming birds. When I visit my favorite mountain cabin, the feeder draws many hummingbirds. their wings make a humming sound and each one is a different pitch, different note. Several together remind me of how movies portray angels humming. (if I wear pink or red, they will follow me around, humming.)


    • Hi Ivory,

      I’m sorry about the snow. That sounds bad. I had heard of some snow storms elsewhere already. Minnesota didn’t usually get that type of stuff this early either.

      Thanks for telling me about the different sounds. That is so cool. I will listen in the spring and wear pink or red as well. Thanks.

      Good and healing warm thoughts to you.



  2. Sounds like a perfect day. I took it easy also. Lots of candy for the children, sooooooooooooo many this year. Fed my husband a perfect supper and we had my little sister over for the first time since the letter to mom. I invited, I used to to that All the time, she accepted she loves to come to our home for dinner. We spoke not a word about “it” and I liked it that way. I like that we both had quiet peaceful evenings. 😉


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