6 thoughts on “Bliss List #9

  1. I have a transit for my environmental work The circle through the scope is the same size as the moon to locate its position on the earth. If I set the circle on the moon I can watch it move. That is way cool.


    • Throughout history the moon is often seen and portrayed as being female, a woman, a goddess. I see her that way. I am not sure when I first thought of her that way, I just do. And yes I do love her. I also think of her as being a goddess of birth and rebirth. I wrote a poem about this some time ago and will post it next month on the new moon.



  2. I love the moon also, and I love thinking of the moon as a girl. My grandson is two and his other grandpa has a large telescope so he is already learning many wonderful things about the night sky. He talks about Juper (Jupiter) often right now because he has recently learned about Jupiter. He and I love to look at the moon and talk about “her”. I look forward to your poem. Maybe I will be caught up by the time the waning moon is finished and she is new again! 😉


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