Adventures in Another State

Or living in Appalachia mountain range and not even knowing it.

Well I am. I also discovered online that I am currently living in the Appalachian Region. Which means poorer, a history of dependence on coal mining and manufacturing. You can figure out what that means in the current financial climate and what it has meant for the decades.

No one has mentioned to me that I lived in the Appalachian mountain range. Of course when I point out that we are living in mountains, my roommate says they are hills. I respond, yes hills, on top of mountains. I live in a small town in a small valley, so no cell service, at least that is why I get told there is no cell service. So all roads in and out are hilly, and all roads everywhere are the same, winding roller coaster rides. I mean this totally seriously.

Seriously, I would not choose to ride roller coasters and yet I am subjected to them anytime I go anywhere.They are neck damaging, fear provoking excursions. There is no spoon, there is no spoon, there is no spoon. But to mention this usually gets me a blank stare and no response. I think they think I am impunning their area, their state. Well I guess I am. I miss the midwest. In the middle of winter I will not be missing the wind chills. Hopefully my body will learn to adjust. It is, but very slowly.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Another State

  1. Indiana had a real winter last year for the first time in about 3 years. It seems global warming has heated up those notoriously bitter Indiana winters.

    If I could be anywhere in the country I’d be right back in Texas. Kentucky is my next choice.


    • Hi Austin,

      I have been to a number of states. I really loved Kentucky and Tennessee and want to go back there again. I love the oceans. I haven’t been to Texas yet. I want to go to all states. I think that I will really love Hawaii. At least, I hope so. I want to travel everywhere.



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