Aftereffects List #32

32. Aversion to noise-making (including during sex, crying, laughing, or other body functions); verbal hypervigilance (careful monitoring of one’s words); quiet-voiced, especially when needing to be heard.

I don’t really think that I have this issue. Which is amazing because I have had something to write about every other number on the list so far.

When I was a child I had an aversion to making noise because I had to try to be invisible. When other adults or older siblings were present I was able to act more like a child. I was careful what I said and how loud because I had to have a large amount of control for the same reason; being seen or heard meant being abused.

2 thoughts on “Aftereffects List #32

  1. Gee, I never knew about this one, but it is me all thru. I can sit still, with minimal moving for hours. I don’t feel comfortable moving much when I’m out of my own environment. I interview people for a living and one day, I had to shout the client’s number over the din of many people in the lobby. My client walked over and said, “Wow! I almost didn’t hear you, but I listened hard in case I got the lady with the tiny voice.” When I try to speak loudly, my voice gets smaller. If I get afraid, the first thing that goes is my voice. I just don’t like to make noise – it scares me to be noticed.


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