Bliss List #4

The Stars at Night.

I wanted to find some great night sky photos, but I didn’t find what I was looking for. I looked over the last week and nothing was just right. Most of the ones that really struck me were obviously images from telescopes. I was looking for a real view of the night sky that anyone could see out away from the cities.

Here is one:

I remember being very little and the sense of awe that would come over me when going from the car in the dark to the house, coming home late with my family. I’m not sure if I had ever seen anything so beautiful.

Going to the planetarium replaced the experience since living in the city. It isn’t the same. But it is still very beautiful to see the night sky in the dark.

Telescope photos that really evoke awe now include the earth from space, our solar system’s planets, galaxies, and star views from space.

I enjoy going to NASA’s photos of the day to find some bliss.

4 thoughts on “Bliss List #4

  1. I used to always enjoy looking up at the night sky when I was a little…used to think My Favorite Martian was up there looking down at me and might swoop down and rescue me if I concentrated hard enough, lol!

    I love this Bliss List idea Kate! It really helps to center us on positive things…thank you so much for starting it and sharing it. I hadn’t thought about the night sky for a long time–been so busy poking around in my head–but I think tonight, thanks to you, I will go and check it out, see what’s going on up there. Thank you!


  2. Hey, Kate!

    Is there such a thing as “good” triggers? As I read this post, I was reminded of growing up on a farm so far from everywhere the stars were like tiny night lights sparkling in the sky. They were brilliant that far out away from any other lights!

    I would leave my bed and walk to the small tractor Dad usually parked at the end of the yard by the road and I would climb up on it and lay back against the exhaust pipe. Often, I would wake up with the sun rise and that, too, was so wonderful the memory can make me cry. I felt safe on those nights. So safe.

    Many thanks for the nudge to a great memory.


    • Hi Ivory,

      Yes, that sounds so great. I think that things can trigger good memories as well as the bad.

      I too lived in the country as a child and that huge feeling of so many beautiful lights up in the blackness, so incredibly wonderful. It was an incredibly high feeling, and so beautiful in my mind, like too much beauty for a mind to contain and yet still be able to do so.

      I remember as a teenager learning more about astronomy and that incredible moment when I located the Milky Way in the night sky one wonderful summer night. Such an incredible feeling to see it all laying out before me. I felt so blessed, such bliss in that moment.

      Good and healing memories to you.



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