Fun Stuff. You Know… For the Kids.

So, I don’t have enough fun. I am very bad at making sure that I do fun stuff. Usually time and daily life seems to overwhelm me and the day is gone. I am trying to change that. I am trying to do things that I enjoy. And to find time to put them into my daily life.

My Littles sadly get less than they deserve when it comes to the fun stuff that I do. I love coffeeshops, reading, and very boring things, like English period piece movies. Well, to me they are not boring. I am trying. But I am just horribly pathetic in my efforts.

Play is healing. It might seem like a waste of time, but it isn’t. I know that and yet I have so much trouble letting myself go and enjoying silly things. I think it is worse for me because I am multiple and should really let my littles out to play consistently and whole-heartedly.

So I added a new link section here at my blog, called Fun Stuff. You know… for the kids. I picked out some sites to put there as links. I checked out each site again. I have been to each of them, though not played at each of them. Some of them are on things that I have always liked, paperdolls and crafts. I threw in some other stuff that I like too.

Putting the links here is a way to remind myself to click on them and do things that are fun for the kids. I hope that everyone who stops here to read my blog can check them out and see if there is something that they might like. And search for some more sites where you like to play. Because we all need and deserve to let our inner kid(s) out to play. You know… for the healing.

2 thoughts on “Fun Stuff. You Know… For the Kids.

  1. Oh I’m so horrible at letting my littles out for some fun. I’m just not very nurturing towards them at all.

    Fortunately I have six grandkids, so I get to play with them and then my littles also get to play. But I still feel guilty for not being more aware of their needs more of the time. I have to chalk it up to denial: I go in and out of denial regarding my DID.



    • Hi Beautiful Dreamer,

      Thank you for stopping in, reading and commenting.

      Yeah this is tough stuff. I believe that it brings healing, so I will keep working on it all.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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