Another Creepy Guy

I was in a store recently and another guy came up to me and was looking at me in that way that creepy guys do and perhaps think is totally normal. Ick. It is not normal unless you think looking for sex in a public store is considered normal.

I was shopping in a store aisle with a cart, minding my own business when he came walking down the aisle towards me. He had that look on his face that showed that he must have seen me earlier and had followed me especially to talk to me. I don’t know why some guys do not know that this is not a compliment, it is creepy, it is weird, it is inappropriate.

He seemed a little too happy to see my chest. He walked up in front of me and said hello and asked me how I was doing. I told him I am doing well, how are you? He said that is good. But he stretched the word good out and made it sound like he was purring and doing a low growl all at the same time. Iiiccckkk!

I walked away, keeping my cart between us. He didn’t say anything else, thankfully, but it was awful. I hate when men act like they are in a strip club instead of out in public. I am not a stripper. I am not in a strip club, working. I am a person, shopping, in a store. And no I am not looking for sex from some unattractive man who doesn’t have a passing acquaintance with self-esteem, self-care, and body hygiene.

I asked one of my nephews recently if he could explain behavior like this to me. He said he thinks that a lot of men probably think they are being subtle about it. I said no they aren’t, staring at a woman’s chest and going up to them with the intention of having sex is not subtle. Men who behave like that and subtlety do not go together. He agreed with me.

Now I have to figure out another way of dealing and discouraging this, because being nice, saying hello and how are you is not getting me what I want, for them to stop, for them to go away, for them to never come near me.

If only it were a guy talking to me that I would actually want to talk to and would be interested in. Well I sincerely hope that a guy like that would not be following me around in a store looking for easy sex, cause he’s wouldn’t get it either and if he did treat me that way, he wouldn’t be good enough for me. So I am hoping that there is a guy out there who might want to talk to me and get to know me, who is a nice and a great guy, who won’t treat me like this. I will keep hoping.

Healing Quotes Littles 373

“I choose me. I choose to wake up day after day and try. I choose to fall asleep night after night and dream. I choose today, tomorrow, and all the days I’m given. I choose life. I choose now; my present and later; my future. I choose to fly, and when I cannot fly I shall walk. When my feet are too tired I will crawl. I choose to never give up no matter how hard things get. I choose to love. To give. To live. I choose to dream. To discover. To pick myself up over and over. To learn from my mistakes. To accept the flaws I have. I choose to be positive. I choose to smile. To laugh. To breathe. To leave behind my past. To cleanse my soul of negativity. To forgive. To live the life I’ve imagined. I choose to let go of my hate. I choose to hold on time and time again. I choose this life, this present, this me. I choose me everyday in every way. I choose me.”
~ Acoustic Imagery

The Flu Shot

Recently I got my annual flu shot. I have been getting them each year about this time. I usually feel very sick for a few days. I wanted to get the shot at the beginning of the month, but did not feel well enough to do so. I had been in a lot more pain all through my body and since the flu shot does that as well, I wanted to try to get a little better before getting the shot.

This year the flu shot made me feel really sick. I slept a lot yesterday and felt pretty awful when awake and when trying to get back to sleep. Even so, I feel tired out and tired all over.

When I get sick I tend to forget some of the most easiest and essential sick remedies. I don’t know why this happens, but it tends to always happen when I start getting sick. The self-care part of my brain just seems to shut down and I don’t get any messages to do the small and normal self-care methods that will make me feel better and help me to recover sooner.

So it took me a-day-and-a-half before I thought to take a couple of aspirins and thankfully I am feeling less pain. I want to go to the store to get some Canada Dry Ginger Ale as well, because my tummy is feeling upset and this always helps me to feel better.

Yesterday I also forgot to do Reiki for myself, which always helps when I am feeling sick. As I mentioned, when feeling sick my brain tends to get fogged and I have trouble reminding myself on what to do to take good care of myself and how to improve my health and healing. It makes things more of a challenge, but I seem to be back on track and back on feeling better.

Healing Quotes Littles 372

“There is nothing more beautiful than to watch the soul as she discovers she has wings.”

~ Unknown

Healing Quotes Littles 371

“I feel my body, my mind, weighted down – all is heavy – but my blood, my inner fire, my passion, the little unburdened kid in me, patiently waits to burst free.”


~ Drew Sirtors

Healing Quotes 574

“This strangely still pause between summer and autumn,
greenery and gold, and the heat and rising wind that is once again
readying itself to rush it all away in a climatic symphony of color and scent
is, in my opinion, one of the best parts about living on earth.”

Victoria Erickson


Healing Poems 118


The children have brought their wood turtle
into the dining hall
because they want us to feel

the power they have
when they hold a house
in their own hands, want us to feel

alien lacquer and the little thrill
that he might, like God, show his face.
He’s the color of ruined wallpaper,

of cognac, and he’s closed,
pulled in as though he’ll never come out;
nothing shows but the plummy leather

of the legs, his claws resembling clusters
of diminutive raspberries.
They know he makes night

anytime he wants, so perhaps
he feels at the center of everything,
as they do. His age,

greater than that of anyone
around the table, is a room
from which they are excluded,

though they don’t mind,
since they can carry this perfect
building anywhere. They love

that he might poke out
his old, old face, but doesn’t.
I think the children smell unopened,

like unlit candles, as they heft him
around the table, praise his secrecy,
holding to each adult face

his prayer,
the single word of the shell,
which is no.

~ Mark Doty